Please read carefully the following regulation!

1 About the competition

The Romanian Dance Cup 2016 competition offers the best dancers the opportunity to make themselves noticed both nationally, and internationally, focusing on creativity, originality of ideas, development and emphasis of talents. It lasts for 2 days.

2 Participants

2.1 The competition is destined to all the dancers, dance schools in the country and abroad, education units, children’s institutions or clubs in the country, cultural and youth associations or foundations, sports dance clubs, groups and assemblies of amateur dancers, dance bands in the country and abroad.

2.2 A competitor is allowed to have multiple entries to various categories or disciplines (the competitor participating in the duo/trio/quartet category may also participate in other dances of the same discipline).

2.3 All the registered competitors that have received the confirmation of their registration have the right to participate. The confirmation of registration may be checked at any time, accessing the website, My Account section.

2.4 We reserve the right to check the participants’ age. Also, we reserve the right to check whether the number of participants in stage during the artistic performance equals the number of the previously registered members.

3 Dance sections

The dance is evaluated based on the particular characteristic that it belongs to. To assure a correct and impartial judging, the constituted and qualified jury will judge the performance based on specific criteria.

1. Ballet

2. Modern dance

3. Contemporary dance

4. Lyrical Dance

5. Character Dance

6. Jazz Dance

7. National and International Folklore

8. Folklore Stylized

9. Acro Dance

10. Latin Dance

11. Open

12. MTV Commercial

13. Urban

4 Age groups

The reference date to calculate age is January 1, 2016.

Mini (4 - 7 years)

Childrens (8 - 11 years)

Juniors (12 - 15 years)

Seniors (over 16 years)

For dances with more than one dancer, age will be determined as the general average.
To determine the average age of the dancers, the arithmetic means will be obtained: the ages of all dancers are added, then it is divided to the total number of dancers.
Should the result of the average age end in 0.5 or bigger, it will be rounded to the following integer number (ex. 8.5 to 9 ).

We reserve the right to ask for evidence of the participants’ age during the competition by checking their passports or IDs.

5 Components

The dance moments may be constituted by only one dancer or by several dancers, as follows:

Solo (1 dancer)

Duo/Trio/Quartet (2 - 4 dancers)

Group (5 - 12 dancers)

Formation (over 13 dancers)

6 Time limits

Every dance component will have a pre-set time limit, as follows:

Solo (01:00 – 02:00 minutes)

Duo/Trio/Quartet (01:00 – 02:00 minutes)

Group (02:00 – 03:00 minutes)

Formation (03:00 – 04:30 minutes)

7 Registration fees

The bank fees will be borne by the payer.

Solo - 25 € each dancer/dance

Duo/Trio/Quartet - 20 € each dancer/dance

Group - 15 € each dancer/dance

Formation - 15 € each dancer/dance

The registration fees will be paid to:

IBAN: RO37BTRL RON CRT 0253433801

8 Registration

8.1 Registration will be made on-line solely, through the platformei de înscriere.
After the registration, you will automatically receive the confirmation by e-mail.

8.2 The registration will be processed only after you pay the registration fee, displayed at the end of the registration.
Once it is processed, the registration will be added to the „Start List” of the competition. All the registrations on the „Start List” have the right to participate in the Romanian Dance Cup competition.

8.3 The registration period has a limit date for the registration process and a limited number of dancers and dances allowed in the competition. If the registration limit is reached, other subsequent registrations will no longer be accepted.

8.4 If, for various reasons, a registered competitor or a team cancels their participation in less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the competition, they will not be reimbursed the registration fee.

9 Music

9.1 Music will be uploaded in MP3 format during the registration process or later. It must contain only one song (the song the dancer will dance on).

9.2 The deadline to upload the songs is of 48 hours before the beginning of the competition. If the songs have not been uploaded, the dance will not enter the competition.

9.3 Every school, club, sports association or foundation is responsible for its own selected music. It is forbidden to use offensive, racist lyrics and with explicit sexual LANGuage. The failure to observe these rules leads to being disqualified from the competition.

9.4 We recommend that the representative of every school, club, sports association or foundation should have a backup with the songs stored on CD or USB stick, for every song. They will be handed over during the technical meeting that is notified on the agenda.

1 choreography = 1 MP3 file uploaded on the site + 1 CD or USB stick.

10 Judging system

Judging criteria:

- Technical (1 to 10)

- Artistic impression (1 to 10)

- Creativity (1 to 10)

The maximum score that may be obtained by the participants is 10.
The necessary mark to qualify to the finals in Rome, Italy is of 7.

10.1 The jury is made of 3 up to 5 members per dance.

10.2 The members of the jury give marks from 1 to 10 for every judging criterion.

10.3 The decision of a member of the jury is final and it cannot be changed by anyone, except when there are obvious errors to be subsequently discussed and corrected.

10.4 The choreographies registered in an incorrect dance section or discipline will be judged and transferred to the correct section without losing points.

10.5 The decisions of the jury must be respected, considering their competence and the submitted work that requires increased attention throughout the 2 days of competition. No dancer or any other participant may disturb the judges during judging. Any remark or lack of respect shown to a judge will be penalized by the organizer of the competition.

10.6 The request for comments and scores for a certain dance must be sent by the representative of the school, club, sports association or foundation at the email address:
The request will be sent in maximum 3 days after the end of the competition, and it must contain identification elements: name of choreography and registration number in the competition.
The answer to said request concerning scores and comments of the judges will be sent with maximum celerity.

11 General rules

11.1 By registering to the Romanian Dance Cup competition, the competitors accept the rules and regulation of the Romanian Dance Cup 2016.

11.2 The competition commission reserves the right to check the dancers’ age, either before, or after their performance. Dancers must be able to prove their age.

11.3 One representative of each school, club, sports association or foundation must be present in backstage at least 6 artistic moments before their performance.

11.4 The organizers do not take liability for any accidents occurring during the competition. This liability will reside with the coach and competitor. We recommend that each participant should have a medical insurance.

11.5 The non-sports and disturbing behavior during the event may disqualify the competitor and, in certain situations, even the school, club, sports association or foundation may be eliminated from the competition.

11.6 The teachers, coaches, companions, as well as the spectators, may be eliminated from the competition if their behavior is considered to be unsuitable.

11.7 Original choreographies are allowed for all disciplines. Creativity, originality of ideas and movements, as well as the surprise effects, are important elements in all the dance sections. Also, choreographies must be adapted to the dancers’ abilities and age.

11.8 Costumes will respect a certain code of ethics, thus avoiding the indecent or offensive outfits.

11.9 Individual points are given only for solo category. All the other categories, such as: duo/trio/quartet, groups and bands, are judged as groups. The choreography of duo/trio/quartet, group and band dancers must show some relation between them.

11.10 The same dancer may compete for two schools, but not for the same discipline or category.

11.11 The managers of schools/clubs are invited to participate in the official opening of the competition and in the award festivity.

12 Venue

12.1 Food and beverages are forbidden in the competition area, in the backstage/dressing room area and in the seat area, at the venue. Food and beverages are allowed only in the special areas.

12.2 Please maintain cleanliness in all the access areas, restrooms and dressing rooms.

12.3 Please do not block the corridors, the stair well and the emergency exits.

13 Formalities and awards

13.1 The official opening ceremony includes the welcome speech, delivered by the local organizers, the presentation of the international participants and the presentation of the members of the international jury.

13.2 The winners of the first three places receive diplomas (one copy for bands, groups, duo/trio/quartet, solo).

13.3 The winners of the first three places receive cups (one for bands, groups, duo/trio/quartet, solo).

13.4 Special awards

13.5 At the award festivity that takes place on the 2nd day, the 13 nominations for winning the great price will be announced.

13.6 The official closing ceremony will include the announcement of the great winner of „Romanian Dance Cup 2016”, official acknowledgements, congratulations, the closing speech and a gala (in total, 15 minutes).


1. The organizers do not bind themselves to bear the expenses related to the accommodation, traveling and meals of the participants in the competition.

2. Prop materials that may affect the other participants are forbidden (e.g. oil, puff, talc powder, etc).
Special effects are forbidden, such as: open fire or fireworks.
Accessories are allowed as long as they are quickly arranged before the choreography begins, and if they are removed off the stage at the end of the performance by the dancers who used them.

3. In the technical meeting, the representatives of every school, club, sports association or foundation will deliver the audio materials to the organizers, the agenda and development of the competition will be notified, and any technical matters will be solved.

4. All the competitors/teachers will receive bracelets of various colors to be able to be identified throughout the 2 days of competition.

5. For groups or bands with more than 10 dancers, only one person will be allowed backstage, who will receive an identification bracelet.

6. The organizers take no liability for the body injuries or losses of personal belongings.

7. By registering to the competition, the participants (dancers, teachers, coaches, choreographers) agree that the organizers of the Romanian Dance Cup may use any media contents that they appear in (photographs, video clips, etc). The participants will not have the right to claim material benefits or money in exchange of the media contents they appear in.